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November 28, 2009

ok, well guys, it seems this will be the last post of this website. I’m keeping this blog incase people want to ever see what our original site was, ok? Ok well, it was nice using this site, and Cheers to the new army!

Officialy Signed,

=Zayer=  /


November 28, 2009

ok guys, besides the point of that random title, we is MERGING! Despite darthman, what you think of the army, we are going to merge with them. They have an average of 3-4 people active, and we have 3.  So, here’s what’s happenening.

1. We are using their website. I know ours is really cool and has 1000 hits and what not. But the leader has agreed to make me an admin, so I can re-make the banner/add some widgets/pages.

2. You guys are keeping your high ranks, don’t worry.

3. New name – Universal cp kingdom army- UCPKA I think it is (Universal Kingdom Army is shorter, but you know-)

4. The official merge will be after this sunday/monday, after they have a PB with RMA.

So all goes well, our new army, UCPKA/UKA will be 6-7 people strong. We will then atempt to grow by advertising on cp and what-not. After we attempt to grow, we can then continue to merge with small armies (like Yendors army- we can have small 2-4 person armies merge into us, so we don’t have to recruit. And because it won’t be an equal merge, we don’t have to change the name and all that. Ok, so go check out our new website at ok?

Can’t wait- lets hope all goes well


p.s. GW is still our allies, so as we merge, we will have them as our ally still- our first Major army ally- awesome

p.s.s. aPplEsAucE


November 26, 2009

ok, so although we might merge with yendors army, though he hasn’t answered so I’m guessing we’re not. Anyways, I found out that this army (cp kingdom army) might consider merging with us under 2 conditions.

1. We us their blog (this is the same problem with akronanas- ugh)

2. The names are “merged” together (universal CP kindom army or something like that.) Here’s their website, and let me know what you think about the merge/the conditions the other army gave us to merge. Please be honest. If you don’t like something about the possible merge, then just say it, ok?


Help them out?

November 23, 2009

ok guys, the aqua pirates called war on rsnails. Frankly, I like the Rsnails, but they arent an ally of ours, and Yendor looks like he’ll need all the help he can get (six people active compared to about 20 people- yikes) so I say we help them out (no offense rsnails) to show them our support, and so they’ll be a better chance of a merge.


Aqua Pirates

November 20, 2009

Zayer Edit: This sounds pretty cool, I hope he says yes- we could be the universal pirates, or universal aqua pirates. One last thing, check out these two new sites im making. One is completely made for cp army/cheat websites to advertise The second one is about helping the U.S. Save summer, because if obama really does shorten summer, then other country leaders might follow in his footsteps!

As Most of You Know, Yendor has an army called the aqua pirates.

I Will consult with him about us merging…

Sound Cool?

ok guys

November 20, 2009

two things. #1 darthman how many active people in that rebels army army? Because if only 2-4 people are active then that works for us. Secondly, as you may have noticed from some of the comments, the Gw (Gold Warriors- cp central marked them as #4 on the top armies list!) are our new official allies. So check out their site at and remember, in case darthmans army doesnt work out, keep looking for small armies that would like to merge!


sorry guys

November 19, 2009

Zayer EDIT: sorry to interrupt but check out my new website the new way to advertise in cp! I know darth and jtzink u guys are in TONS of armies, so once I get the site finished, you can let them know, and they’ll be the first armies to advertise on my new site, which I’m hoping every army will eventually use!

ok guys well spartans dont wanna merge, but that;s ok. Darthman thought of another army, but darthman, how many people are actually active in that army, because if it’s sonly 2-4 that’s perfect.

Let me know ok?


ok guys…

November 16, 2009

well guys,we may be merging. I’ve been looking around, and I’ve asked 1-2 armies if they would consider merging with us. So far pwn from the spartans of cp has responded, saying that we could merge, but that we would probably have to make a new site. ok, I suppose if we do merge, we will need a new site. Hopefully, we can merge, get about 5-6 people active, and then using our new name, we can get more troops on cp (universal spartans of cp- sounds pretty cool!) and then we can grow, while getting small armies (like we are now) to merge into us. ok? If you guys have any ideas, comments, and or questions, let me know ok?


p.s. the website for the spartans is ok, so check it out (they have 1-3 people active, so it’s perfect)


November 11, 2009

ok guys, we’re a 3-4 person army, (if Yendor stays) and (btw welcome back Yendor) and I tried hot dog on cp- it didnt work. I tried all these different things. Certain things worked, other things didn’t. Thinking of a name isn’t easy! Not only that, but we can’t change the URL because wordpress locked it so basiclly here’s what I figure our best chance is-

  • one, I think we have to keep universal army. Why? because our URL can’t change, so we don’t really have a choice. I WILL find a name that we can use, and we WILL do that recruitment drive, and we WILL get recruits.
  • Something I’ve noticed- darthman/my name/jtzinks name all show up alone, but when you try to put “army” or “amry” behind it, it’s filtered out… so I’ll think about what else we can do- we WILL think of something.
  • three, we need to find an army of equal size to merge with. I would rather not merge with a bigger army, as frankly we wouldn’t be two coinjoined armies- we would just kinda mesh into there’s, and become more recruits. So try to find a small 3-4 man army who is willing to merge with us if you want to/ if your able to.

ok guys, lets hope for the best for now, ok? good luck…


Jtzink Ill Do the times ;)

November 10, 2009

Right Rercruting Session! (Jtzink Ill Do it)

So Then This Is about jtzinks post

Date: November 14th, Saturday


8:30 Uk

12:30 Pst

3:30 Est

If your time isnt on their work it out yourself 😉

Comment If you can come!


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